Welcome to NY Rim Fix

You can save your money by having your alloy wheels repaired instead of purchasing a new set. Ny Rim Fix is a trusted and reliable way to get your vehicles wheels repaired and restored.

At Ny Rim Fix, we work with the most knowledgeable engineers to develop a modern wheel repair facility in order to bring alloy wheels back to factory tolerances. We provide services for automobile dealerships, major insurance companies, as well as for retail wheel and tire stores and collision shops. We can offer you special pricing on quantity orders, extensive inventory and years of experience.

At Ny Rim Fix, we are tooled to make almost any wheel repair possible, and it does not really matter what style or size of wheel you need to get repaired. Your existing wheels can be repaired to look as new. Most repairs are done on-site at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call us today at (855) 4 RIM FIX for your free estimate.